Tales From @DaniRat - This is the first crossover with the other podcast we host. While interviewing or friend Dani, it quickly became apparent the interview would work just as well on our Tales show. We have added new material in the host segments, and we hope you enjoy this special "CrossOver" episode.


This episode is going up a little late and will have another episode up this month with our friend @midnightsmoke1




So glad to be back with this amazing chat with Chemda (from Keith & The Girl) and Hennessy (from Kill Me Now with Judy Gold) join us to talk about the evolution of their relationship, transgender issues, and living life on lifes terms in these modern times.

This is an amazing discussuion and we have a warm place in our hearts for these two. Enjoy



No guest this week but we peel back the covers and reveal more of ourselves by sharing our latest tales from our recent date experiences.

Its all good in the hood.


Sometimes Jeanne books a guest, that seems unreal. And most often if you get that feeling, they don't usually pan out. Then there is the rare case where the person that you interview surpasses your every expectation.


Interviewing Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRosefor a podcast did just that. She was so cool and open and just a very real person and inspiring with projects like#SlutWalk. I am very glad
to have had the experience. -Scott Holden

Enjoy this Great episode and please contribute to http://amberroseslutwalk.com/ if you can!!!



Tales from the Swing is back with sex worker and adult movie star Riley Reyes. We have a lot of fun talking about her work and her poly lifstyle. Check her out on twitter @rileyreyxxx 



On this episode we are so happy to be joined by member of MTV's The State, and creator of the hit podcast Risk!risk-show.com where guests tell the stories about themselves they never thought they would. He is also an amazing person who believes in being open about one's sexuality and practices. We always enjoy when we get to talk with a true "enthusiast" Kevin Alison   


This week Jeanne & Scott welcome comedian Erin Judge, who openly identifies an both bisexual, and no-monogamous. The 3 have an excellent conversation that spans everything from polyamorous, bisexuality, cross dressing, and so much more. And yet, we barely scratched the surface. Erin will be back!!! 


On show #2 we launch a new segment in place of our guest segment called "Tales From the Date" wherein we try to address a lot of the more straight up "How does this work?" questions we recieved at tales@talesfromtheswing.com. But before that, Jeanne pulls a news story about the Asexual movement and its attempts to be included in the "LGBTQ" community.  Scott evisorates the whole group of no-fun-nicks and suggests instead of "Ace" they should just call themselves what they are... fridged. All the while asking them to go and NOT have fun somewhere else.  

We kid because we love. ;-)

Keep that feedback and those questions coming!?! We love it!!! tales@talesfromtheswing.com


Its our pilot episode, so parden out rough edges as the show begins to find its voice. We are so honored to be joined by Myq Kaplan (@MyqKaplan on twitter - and http://myqkaplan.com) an very funny stand up comedian who has recently begining to identify as Polyamerous 


November 14, 2016

000 The Zero Episode

"Tales From the Swing" - Where we discuss the humorous observations made while exploring the rapidly growing and changing world of Open Relationships taking place in America and the poly/swing/lifestyle community - Hosted by Jeanne & Scott Holden

This is our Zero episode where we talk about what to expect from the show.